Training and Webinars

We are currently delivering our training and workshops online. 


This February, our Institute brings you the opportunity to learn more about Neurofeedback for affect regulation and the use of Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback (HRV-B). We are excited to offer these two online seminars dictated by Sebern Fisher and Sejla Murdoch respectively.  

> Please remember that limited spaces are available for our intensive online training delivery. 

> All courses provide an online portal for content delivery and interactive sessions with the presenter.

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In response to COVID-19

As the world is going through an unprecedented crisis the feelings of fear, anxiety and pressure are deeply felt by all.

Social engagement is scientifically proven to be the key element for all human interactions, as well as healthy mind and body (Polyvagal Theory). In times when we need to practice social distancing or rather physical distancing, connecting with others has never being more important. Connecting through media, face-time or just by waving to your neighbour is  essential for keeping us together.

Through our website we would like to stay connected and offer practical tools for self-regulation, how to assist others, and how to keep calm in the face of the real worries. Please keep an eye on us as we develop web-based courses that will aim to support all of us through this crisis. You are welcome to sign up to our Newsletter to keep informed of our progress. Remember to stay safe, stay calm and be kind.

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