ANFI - EEG Learn Partnership

ANFI together with the EEG Learn and the Hummingbird Centre has created a partnership in organising webinars dedicated to new approaches in applied neuroscience. This platform will feature experts in their fields who will share their knowledge and experience with us.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Neuromodulation and mental health
  • Importance of self-care strategies for therapists and first responders
  • Importance of diet and exercises for brain health
  • How to improve your peak performance
  • Impact of environment on developing brain

EEG Learn

EEG Learn was established in 2019 to provide a platform for online training and to support neurofeedback clinicians build a supportive community to share their knowledge and expertise.

EEG Learn provides affordable online training, webinars, and resources about therapy and healing through brain training.

EEG Learn aims to:

  • Support neurofeedback clinicians to easily teach and learn from one other
  • Provide readily-available resources about brain-training
  • Make science about the brain accessible to all

We had a pleasure of having Jay Gunkelman, QEEG Diplomate who shared his wast experience in analysing EEGs and Sebern Fisher renowned trauma therapist and neurofeedback practitioner. 

Jay Gunkelman

Sebern Fisher