ANFI - MENTE Partnership

ANFI has partnered with Mente ( Neurotech International Ltd) to bring together the advanced neuroscience skills of ANFI along with Mente’s clinically-proven home-use neuromodulation device to support children on the Autism Spectrum in Australia.

Neurotech’s primary mission is to improve the lives of people with neurological conditions, with a vision of becoming the global leader in home-use and clinical neurotechnology solutions that are both accessible and affordable. Neurotech is focused on the development and commercialisation of technological solutions for the screening and treatment of symptoms associated with conditions such as autism.

Mente is the world’s first home therapy that is clinically proven to increase engagement and improve relaxation in children on the autism spectrum by addressing elevated Delta, Theta or Beta brain activity.

ANFI’s role in this partnership is to provide the expertise in the QEEG assessment and QEEG analysis to ensure that Mente clients have essential support required to effectively commence the Mente program.