ANFI - Zebr Partnership

ANFI and Zebr are collaborating together to adapt the latter’s new and progressive approach to autism therapy (A.R.T) to work with survivors of torture and trauma from refugee-like backgrounds. 

Zebr | Reframing Autism & Asperger

Directed by Holly Bridges,  the Australian author of ‘Re-frame Your Thinking Around Autism’, and the creator of A.R.T. – a new and progressive approach to autism therapy.

Holly has had a lifelong passion for neuroplasticity and working with the body/mind. She thrives on making complex psychology simple and available to lay people. This impulse to simplify and convey has taken her on a three-continent journey where she is now a leading light in progressive autism therapy.

Holly won the Excellence In Innovation Award in 2018 for her neuroplasticity work that helps people with disabilities improve their physical and social presentations. She has also been recognised internationally for her book ‘Reframe Your Thinking Around Autism’ which outlines this work.

At Zebr, Holly provides consultations and workshops via Zoom and face to face in Australia, the USA and UK. 

We had a pleasure of having Jay Gunkelman, QEEG Diplomate who shared his wast experience in analysing EEGs and Sebern Fisher renowned trauma therapist and neurofeedback practitioner. 

Jay Gunkelman

Sebern Fisher