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Date(s): 01/04/2021 - 01/12/2021
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A Multidisciplinary Treatment Approach to Chronic Pain:

Integrating Neurofeedback, Cognitive-Behavior Therapy and Family Systems Approaches in Applying Research to Practice

A webinar with Edward Jacobs PhD

Chronic pain is an international epidemic, and research shows that the most effective treatments are not medical, despite the heavy reliance of the medical profession on opioids, but behavioral.  

Join Edward Jacobs PhD in this webinar, where he will explore how to integrate neurofeedback into a comprehensive treatment process that treats chronic pain as the biological-psychological-social phenomenon that it is. You will be looking at what the research tells about neurofeedback practice, the biology of chronic pain, the variety of chronic pain conditions and the variety of ways of understanding pain and the patient in pain, systems thinking about pain, the therapeutic relationship, cognitive-behavior therapy, and assessing and tracking pain. This webinar will offer much to beginners and to advanced practitioners alike. 

Training Program

By taking this course, participants will:

  • Understand the variety of ways that chronic pain symptoms manifest themselves and impact the functioning of patients;
  • Understand more about the neural pathways involved in chronic pain;
  • Be able to identify the brain wave frequencies that research has indicated would most productively be targeted in neurofeedback training for chronic pain;
  • Be able to develop neurofeedback protocols for training chronic pain patients with a variety of symptoms;
  • Understand how to apply cognitive-behavioral techniques adjunctively in treating chronic pain patients;
  • Understand how family relationships can work to maintain or ameliorate chronic pain symptoms;
  • Be able to develop a comprehensive treatment plan for patients with chronic pain;
  • Be able to use a variety of rating scales to track chronic pain symptoms and treatment progress.


Edward Jacobs
Edward Jacobs

PhD. Clinical Psychologist

Edward Jacobs PhD is a psychologist with over 36 years of experience providing mental health services. Edward graduated from Vassar College and earned his PhD from Temple University. He completed his pre-doctoral internship at Judge Baker Guidance Center as a Clinical Fellow in Psychology at Harvard Medical School, where he later served on the clinical faculty as a Clinical Instructor in Psychology. He has also taught at Temple University and served on the faculty of EEG Spectrum International, one of the major training programs in the world for neurofeedback. He has supervised and consulted with many other clinicians working with children and adults, providing psychotherapy, neurofeedback training, and psychological testing.

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General Admission: $130 AUD (GST included) 

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