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In early 2019 the Australian Neurofeedback Institute (ANFI) was established as a program of STARTTS to raise funds to continue and expand the neurofeedback services, allowing our clients ongoing access to this valuable intervention modality.

Through ANFI activities, STARTTS is also working   to ensure funding for important research and program development. Research related to brain and heart biomarkers for trauma is ground breaking work and neurofeedback and other neuromodulation techniques are at the forefront of trauma treatment.

Support us to continue this important work.

There are many ways you can help ANFI and the refugee survivors of torture and trauma it serves.


Volunteering allows you to learn from leaders, gain practical experience and help individuals experiencing symptoms of trauma by using state of the art neuromodulation equipment. We also need healthy individuals to volunteer in research as controls.


Donating allows you to support individuals experiencing trauma by helping to fund our research projects that are aiming to develop and validate powerful physiologically driven technologies and therapies. This is the most beneficial way you can support us to continue our work in the community. To find out more about our research see our current projects.

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