In Times of Stress

In Times of Stress

As the world is going through an unprecedented crisis we at ANFI want to offer you some practical, science based tools for self-regulation and stress management.

Our aim is also to inform you about different neuromodulation technologies that we found useful in addressing stress and improving overall well-being of our clients.

Stress Reducing Tips

Hello parents and carers, Last time we had a look at two things: 1)   How to recognise and managing our own anxiety; 2)  Importance of spending 20 mins a day in one-on-one play with your child, where the play is led by […]
Hey kids its ANFI here again! Last time we chatted about how this situation with  Coronavirus may be causing our brain’s alarm system to switch on, and that this might cause us to experience some big feelings of worry, sadness […]
Living a healthy and active life has a profound impact on the brain’s health. What we eat, how much we sleep and exercise, the quality of our social life, openness to learn new things, all have an impact on our […]
The world is pretty topsy-turvy right now because of COVID-19. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed by it all, be reassured that this is a very normal response. However, it’s important to go easy on yourself and to take time […]
Heya! It’s been a big week or two, with lots of changes all around us, at home, at school and even at the park. Some of us might have mixed feelings about these changes, some good feelings and some not […]
Here at ANFI we thought we’d use this blog to guide parents through this tough time. We’ll take you through how your child’s brain may be reacting during the coronavirus pandemic, and help you to respond in a brain smart […]