The ANFI clinic is offering high-quality QEEG assessment and report services to neurofeedback clinicians and mental health professionals interested in incorporating QEEG technology into their clinical practices.*

*A referral from a treating practitioner (psychologist, psychiatrist, neurofeedback clinician) in necessary for EEG assessment and reporting services.

What is a QEEG assessment?

Also known as ‘brain mapping’, a QEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram) is a non-invasive assessment method that records brain electrical activity in the form of brain wave patterns.

QEEG assessments are used to identify patterns in brain activity that may help to understand our clients’ psychological, cognitive and emotional symptoms and assist us in making well-informed decision about their treatment.

Our EEG Technicians are well-trained, experienced professionals with substantial experience in assessing children and adults with a range of mental health issues.

All QEEG assessments are done in a setting that is both friendly and professional.

What is a QEEG report?

A QEEG report is an expert analysis of the EEG data recorded during the EEG session. 

Our reports are written by the team of experts led by an accredited QEEG Diplomate with more than 10 years of experience in analysing and interpreting QEEG. Our experts have assisted thousands of clients to better understand their symptoms based on the results of their brain assessment.

We have been trained under the supervision of many world experts including the world-leading QEEG Diplomate Jay Gunkelman who has, over 4 decades, evaluated more than 500,000 EEGs in his clinical practice.

Anfi-Mente Clinic

The ANFI Clinic is pleased to announce a new partnership with Neurotech International Limited which, will bring together the advanced neuroscience skills of ANFI along with Neurotech’s clinically-proven Mente therapy. We are offering QEEG services and expert analysis to clinicians working with Mente System for children on Autism Spectrum.