Our Mission and Vision

Mirjana Askovic

Director, Australian Neurofeedback Institute

Excellence in care provision

We believe that high quality of care should be available to those in need regardless of their circumstances. To achieve this, the Australian Neurofeedback Institute was established to integrate the latest neuroscientific research, cutting-edge neuromodulation technologies and outcome driven psychological interventions to provide the highest quality of care to those affected by trauma and to the wider public.

Leadership in Research

Our mission is to bring together research and clinical practice to ensure that our interventions are evidence-based and at the forefront of the refugee trauma treatment field.  We collaborate with research partners in academia, world leaders in mental health treatment.
As a program of STARTTS, ANFI is committed to using research to expand knowledge related to the impact of refugee trauma on brain functioning and to evaluate efficacy of different neuromodulation techniques and technologies in working with refugee survivors of torture and trauma.

Partnerships in innovation

Our vision is to explore different types of neuromodulation technologies that are cost effective and easy to implement into a variety of clinical settings. We are inviting the neuroscientists and neuromodulation technology manufacturers to join us in developing, delivering and expanding cutting edge treatments to improve client outcomes.