BCIA-A Certified 36-Hour Didactic Training | Neurofeedback in Clinical Practice


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We are excited to offer an accredited Neurofeedback course that has been long sought by all who have attended our trainings on Neurofeedback with trauma and the EEG in clinical practice.

With our experience providing Neurofeedback since 2003 as well as integrating the latest neuroscientific research, cutting-edge neuromodulation technologies, and outcome-driven psychological interventions this 36-Hour Neurofeedback didactic training will provide you with a solid foundation in how to start your practice and support your clients.

This course is designed to provide you with the necessary basic skills and understanding to use Neurofeedback equipment and in applying eyes open neurofeedback protocols. This course satisfies the BCIA blueprint of knowledge and will be delivered in mixture of online and face to face formats.

  • Practical hands-on training, provided online and on-site.
  • Evidence-based Neurofeedback protocols demonstrated.
  • Practical tips for integrating Neurofeedback in your clinics.
  • Experienced and certified trainers.