Enhancing Regulation in Children through Sensory and Neuromodulation – by Anna Morrell


Working with and raising children can come with its own kind of magic, joy and frustration, especially through the uncertainties of a pandemic. At the core, the timid and the wild child have an issue with affect regulation. For a child, learning to self-regulate early in life can create opportunities for better development and a brighter future.  In this webinar, participants will learn about the impact of affect regulation on the developing mind.  We will discuss how to cultivate intention, engagement and motivation, how to “listen” to the nervous system and its regulatory needs. Covering modalities such as neuro and biofeedback, sensorimotor actions, and sensory modulation, participants will have an opportunity to explore, practice, and learn strategies and techniques to support their regulation as well as the children in their lives.  This webinar is intended for mental health professionals and educators.

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