The Art of Thresholding in Neurofeedback Training – by Ed Hamlin, PhD


A webinar specifically designed for Neurofeedback practitioners who seek more information, guidance and clarity from a seasoned therapist, practitioner and Neurofeedback pioneer.

After the clinical assessment and careful consideration of a client’s presentation, a neurotherapist needs to select a neurofeedback protocol to use with his/her client. The next important decision that impacts the outcome of the treatment involves the selection of thresholds for the EEG bands being trained. The decision on the thresholds to be trained, contributes significantly to the feedback being provided to clients regarding their performance while actively training. It is this information that allows the clients to know if they are moving closer or further away from the desired state. Unfortunately, there is very little empirical evidence to help determine the most effective threshold settings. In this webinar, we will examine different strategies for the setting and adjusting of thresholds and we will describe in detail he approach used in Dr. Hamlin’s clinic for maximizing client learning and clinical outcomes.

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