The Use of Neurofeedback in the Treatment of Eating Disorders – by Dr. Ed Hamlin


Recent research has shown that eating disorders (EDs) are highly prevalent throughout the world and are increasing dramatically in incidence. EDs are known to have the highest mortality of any mental disorder and, due to their egosyntonic nature, are generally recognized as being very difficult to treat.

Dr. Ed Hamlin has been involved in research regarding the EEG correlates of EDs and the application of neurofeedback training in their treatment. Following a brief review of previous research on the neurobiology of EDs, Dr. Hamlin will discuss the results from his on-going research and how the findings can be applied in the treatment of clients with EDs. He will describe some simple assessments which can be conducted using one or two channel EEG equipment and protocols that are being used to address the findings from the assessments. As has been shown with other mental conditions that have been challenging to treat, the incorporation of neurofeedback training appears to be adding significantly to improved outcomes.

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