QEEG Report Services

In addition to QEEG assessment, we also provide a QEEG analysis and report writing service to other clinicians. We can also arrange a consultation to discuss our findings with you and your client.

There are two types of QEEG reports currently available:

Automated QEEG Report

Full QEEG Report With the Expert Analysis and Recommendations

Automated QEEG Report

  • Automated QEEG report is based on the NeuroGuide Database analyses of Eyes Open (EO) and Eyes Closed (EC) EEG  assessment against the Thatcher Lifespan Database that is  comprised of 625 healthy individuals, with ages between 2 months to 82 years
  • This report provides statistical measures of deviance on absolute brain activity from 0.5Hz – 40Hz in 1Hz bins, absolute and relative power, asymmetry, coherence, phase, banded mean frequency and source analysis (LORETA)
  • Interpretation and neurofeedback protocol suggestions are NOT provided

Full QEEG Report With the Expert Analysis

  • This QEEG report includes description of the raw EEG with EO and EC that contains specific EEG patterns and how these relate to the clinical symptoms along with the advanced analysis techniques such as spike detection, source analysis (LORETA), comparison to a normative database (NeuroGuidereport), and treatment recommendations including indicated medications, suggestions for neuromodulation interventions, therapeutic suggestions and bio/ neurofeedback protocols